UoFiddler - Uo-Pixel Edition

UoFiddler – Uo-Pixel Edition ist eine Weiterentwicklung vom Originalen UoFiddler.

Die Weiterentwicklung wird von Jedi66 entwickelt, Jedi66 war zu uodev zeiten als Nikodemus bekannt.



Version 4.10.9

  • For the MainForm, a TabPanel_DrawItem event was added. The tabs are being reloaded and sorted differently. Additionally, the tabs have been assigned their own colors for identification purposes.
  • Texture - Another function added: a 90-degree rotation to the left. It works with all sizes, such as 64×64, 128×128, or larger.

Version 4.10.8

  • The Light has received another extension. It now includes two forms, each containing LandTiles and StaticItems, allowing for browsing and previewing them in advance. The forms can be positioned flexibly and function across tabs, enabling scrolling up and down.

Version 4.10.7

  • Enable multiple selection for saving in Items and LandTiles by pressing the Ctrl key, then selecting the desired items, and finally clicking on the Save button with the respective format.
  • Light has received the functions of copying and importing from the clipboard, as well as copying from the clipboard to the ID slot.

Version 4.10.6

  • Multiple functions have been added to Radarcolor, expanding the graphical representation. Loading of data now utilizes ColorTreeView for graphical display. When saving the Color Palette, it is also displayed with colors. By activating the checkbox, the Color Palette's hex code is copied to the clipboard. Another textbox lists the hex codes, and there is a textbox for the 15-bit color depth per channel. In this case, the color code represents the intensities of the red, green, and blue color channels, each with 5 bits, making it compatible with Photoshop's color code. Additionally, the Photoshop textbox has a clipboard function that stores the color code when clicked.

Version 4.10.5

  • A copy function has been added to the Controls, Items, LandTiles, Textures, and Gumps, allowing the graphics to be copied to the clipboard for direct use with copy and paste.
  • Import function revised again, direct import through buffer added, existing SelectImageFormatForm class retained for outsourcing to Temp to store the graphics there and addressed this with new importByTempToolStripMenuItem.
  • Import clipboard - Import graphics from clipboard (Items, LandTile, Gumps, Texture)

Version 4.10.4

  • Added a new ConverterMultiText to convert Decimal to Hex. This allows for converting old Sphere Multitexts, enabling their import into the Multi.mul file in UoFiddler. Additionally, for the sake of preserving the old scripts, they are automatically placed in a folder named „Oldscript“.
  • The Tiledata has received a copy button that copies the selected settings from the selected location. You can now place them at any location by pressing again, save and you’re done.
  • An XML editor has been added to the multis that edits, saves and recreates the Multilist.xml. A reload button has been added that reads in the Multilist.xml again without having to restart the program. A save button that copies the Multilist.xml and stores it in the OLDScript directory.

Version 4.10.3

CompareItems expanded.

  • Multi-selection added for saving images (Bmp, Tiff).
  • Graphics can now be placed at any hexadecimal address.
  • Display of the placed graphic.
  • Hexadecimal address search added.
  • The selected directory is now exported to its own directory called 'DirectoryisSettings' and saved as 'CompareiItemsDirectoryisSettings.txt'. It will be loaded on the next startup until a new directory is set.„
  • Added combo box for multiple selection of directories to quickly switch between them.
  • Tiledata now has a ToolStripComboBox that sets predefined patterns for selecting settings.
  • Tiledata now has a sound button that disables and enables the message box and plays a sound located in the main directory. This feature works for both items and land tiles, so no more messages and the Windows sound.

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